5 Positive Side Effects of Wearing Eyeglasses

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So, you’ve come in for an eye exam with the optometrist and been told that you need eyeglasses. Hooray! We say that not because we’ve made a sale, but because we know that you will have a better life in eyewear.

It used to be that anyone with glasses might get made fun of, and that people saw the need for eyeglasses as a sign of weakness. Not anymore. As we mentioned in this blog, eyeglasses are “in” and there’s a pair that will look good on anybody.

But besides clearing up your vision, are there any upsides to wearing glasses? There sure are.

Prevent wrinkles

If a person is nearsighted and they try to read a street sign far away, what do they do? They squint, don’t they? And when humans squint, it bunches up the flesh around their eyes and eventually crow’s feet become a problem. The best way to avoid squinting? Get the right prescription for your eyeglasses!

People will think you’re smarter

We’re not sure why eyeglasses are associated with intelligence. Perhaps it’s because two hundred years ago only wealthy people could afford them, and people thought those people had to be intelligent in order to gain the wealth in the first place. Or perhaps it’s because those who cared less about their appearance and more about technology were wearing them long after the inventions of contact lenses. Or maybe it’s because those who read are more likely to wear reading glasses, and we often associate reading books with intelligence (never mind that the person wearing glasses might not understand what they’re reading!)

No matter the reason that we associate glasses with intelligence, the correlation is there. In fact, some young professors at college will wear eyeglasses with non-corrective lenses (clear glass) just so that they’ll look more mature and their students will take them seriously!

They’re a fashion accessory

Let’s admit it, if you get a pair of eyeglasses that look good on you, you can wear them anywhere and everywhere. You can even get multiple frames so that you can match them to different outfits that you wear, or to accommodate the event you’re attending. They truly make a great fashion accessory.

You’ll always have something to fidget with

Some of us can’t get through a meeting without having something in hand to mess with. Often it’s a pen, but when you have eyeglasses you’ll always have something to put on, take off, open and close, and remove dramatically when you make a point!

You won’t leave your sunglasses at the office or in the car

If you get glasses that have photochromic lenses (also known as adaptive or transition lenses), you’ll always have your sunglasses with you. These lenses polarize when exposed to sunlight, so as long as you have your glasses with you you’ll never be without your sunglasses.

There you go, five reasons large and small to not delay getting eyeglasses. Ready to take care of your eyes? Contact Envision Eyecare today!