Finding the Best Fashion Eyeglasses Locally

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Blog by Envision Eye Care

When it comes to your eyes, nothing is more important than being able to see perfectly! You might have broken your existing eyeglasses, or worse, your prescription has expired and you require an update.

Finding the best fashion eyeglass frames at reasonable prices is important. No one wants to struggle with squinting for a prolonged period so if you do need new glasses, you should consult an optometrist. And yes, an optometrist staffed vision centre is the best place to shop for you new spectacles!

Buying glasses online is tricky

There’s a temptation to go looking online for glasses, but there are a several caveats involved in shopping for prescription eye wear online. Consider the following:

  • Proper eye examinations can only be done in person. Optometrists don’t only assess your prescription needs, but can proactively detect eye health issues. From dry eye syndrome, to cataracts or other conditions. Great eye care begins with an eye exam provided by a qualified professional.
  • Lens materials are not always of the highest quality as coating options are limited, and measurements are often inaccurate.
  • Warranty’s are not often available on online orders.

Local Optical Centres offer quality frames and lenses

You might be looking online because you may have heard the best brands are readily found online. This may be true and you’re encouraged to research the brand names and reviews.

Envision Eye Care always welcomes well informed patients and our staff understands that each individual is searching for solutions to achieve perfect vision. Who doesn’t want to look great, have clear vision and perhaps have multiple fashionable frames to complement their look?

Visiting a local optical center near you offering a range of fashion frames you’ve researched provides you the best of everything – highly specialized eye care service plus frames that suit your unique style. In fact, big brand names don’t need to break the bank as optometrists offices with a range of brand names are often competitively priced while offering all the value added services you deserve.

Great Brands don’t have to be impossible to find

Most local optical centers have a great sense of what is on-trend. They’re constantly getting feedback from patients and exposed to the latest in the fashion eye wear industry.

If you’re just getting started in your search for great eyeglasses, you’ll want to see some of the best current brands available now. You might want to contrast this with some of those offered at box stores and find that the quality and selection is quite superior. Add to this the personal care and the benefits add up.

Which Brands to Pick?

You might be wondering of all the brands of glasses out there, which ones are the best? Well, the good news is that most premium eyeglass brands are very well crafted and designed to provide maximum comfort and stylishness, regardless of the price.

The latest fashion trend in glasses tends to be on the thicker side, popularized by trendsetters and Instagram users. For “on trend” glasses that have well made frames, we would recommend Burberry, as they have some of the most fashionable glasses to choose from. Another great brand is Dolce and Gabbana, as they offer traditional style eye wear, but they also like to think out of the box as well, providing a range of lenses that are rather innovative.

Don’t forget the kids!

The staff at Envision Eye Care understand that the process of having an eye exam may cause discomfort for your children. This is why we aim to make the experience as enjoyable as possible with the use of interactive technologies. Kids no longer need to dread the idea of seeing an eye doctor.

Today, the market offers some amazing quality fashion eye wear geared towards children. Such brands include Ray-Ban, OGI and Nike.

In fact, even the process of choosing frame styles is fun for children. The market offers some amazing quality fashion eye wear with many options of colour and designs; we even have some frames that glow in the dark! Such brands include Ray-Ban, OGI, Nano Vista and Nike. Whether your child needs a prescription or not, they can be excited to try on the different styles an colours available to them.

Yes You Can Find Top Quality, Fashion Eye Wear Locally!

As you visit your local eyeglass store, you’re likely never going to worry about the quality of frames you’ll receive, and know that there’s someone to help you get that perfect frame! In the event there is a problem, you’ll have someone to talk to – in person – too! So search online for the best frames out there and then visit an optical centre near you for the personal touch – and of course an eye exam!

Looking for fashion eyeglasses near you in Oakville, Burlington or Milton Ontario? Contact or visit Envision Eye Care’s Optical Centre today!