Your Eye Care: Why a Full Service Clinic is for You

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Blog by Envision Eye Care

If you’re looking for a new eye care provider in Oakville, the best thing to do is find an optometrist who provides all of the things you need under one roof.

Here are four key services you’ll find from a full service eye care provider that will meet your needs, and that of your entire family!

  1. Eye examinations
    Everyone should be getting annual eye exams to ensure their eyes are healthy and to maintain proper vision. Children under the age of 20, and adults over the age of 64 get free exams that are paid for by OHIP. Employers often provide coverage for these exams as well, which is great for those aged 20 to 64.
    Ontario patients want a full range of comprehensive ocular exams that are tailored to their needs. These will include dilated eye exams, retinal imaging, visual field testing, and others. Also, offering special visual field testing that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation is an added convenience, too.
  2. Eye care condition screening and diagnosis
    During your annual appointment, you’ll receive state-of-the-art screening that not only helps with early detection of eye diseases, but also some systemic diseases (i.e., diseases that affect the entire body). Some of the systemic diseases that can be detected at your eye exam include high blood pressure, diabetes, certain autoimmune diseases (ex. Sjogren’s syndrome), and even some cancers. Ocular diseases that can be caught early include glaucoma, dry eye, retinopathy, ocular allergies, cataracts and many others.
    Don’t let that list worry you though. For most people these annual exams are routine and nothing of great concern comes up. The typical issues that people run into are easily managed with great success.
    However, on the off chance that you do have a more serious condition, early detection is of vital importance. For example, undiagnosed glaucoma often leads to blindness — yet this condition is easy to detect during your regular exams, and when diagnosed, can be effectively treated to preserve your sight.
  3. Care for your pre- and post-laser eye surgery needs
    If you’re thinking about getting laser eye surgery — or have already had it — you’ll know that obtaining proper pre- and post-op care is an important part of the process. This before and after care can be perfectly managed by your qualified local optometrist, so ensure you ask. It will allow you to receive the care you need locally, from your trusted optometrist with whom you’ve established an ongoing relationship.
    If you want to know if you should go through with laser eye surgery, or are trying to decide on a surgeon, it’s good to get an unbiased recommendation from an experienced optometrist. Optometrists can tell you if you’re a good candidate for this procedure, and recommend a skilled surgeon that you can trust. After seeing lots of patients who have gone through this procedure, a respected local optometrist near you can provide professional recommendations of laser eye surgeons.
  4. An optical centre with a full range of fashion prescription glasses and contact lenses
    The need for eyeglasses (or even contact lenses) is among the most common needs of patients. If you need to choose a pair for yourself or your children, it’s important to get fitted locally. You’ll also want quality offerings and a wide selection of frames. Of course, who doesn’t love the fashion brands? Find an optical centre near you that offers a complete range of fashionable prescription eyeglasses. The selection should include offerings for children of all ages, from pre-school to the choosiest of teens, too! Of course, competitive prices are important, too.
    If you prefer contacts, you’ll benefit from speaking to expert optometrists with experience in fitting everyone, including those who may be difficult to fit (or that have been previously told that they’re not suitable candidates for wearing contacts). A full service eye care centre can provide you with a full range of lenses for all sorts of circumstances: near- and far-sightedness, bi- or multi-focal prescriptions, astigmatism, and even keratoconus.

Your eye care needs can be handled simply and conveniently

Your sight and your eyes are precious and deserve top notch care. Time is valuable and you deserve to be able to give yourself the gift of great eye care conveniently and easily. All this can be yours as long as you choose a good centre that does it all: provides eye exams by experienced professionals; provides a complete range of fashion-forward eyeglasses and corrective contact lenses; and is able to help you with your pre- and post-op needs for laser eye surgery (should you choose to have it).

If you’re in the Oakville, Burlington or Milton area or work nearby our North Oakville location (Palermo Village on Bronte Road), contact Envision Eye Care today!