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It’s vital for children to receive annual eye exams to ensure excellent vision and eye health. At Envision Eye Care, we’re happy to meet the needs of all your children!

OHIP covers annual eye examinations for children up to 19 years of age. Is it time for your child’s eye exam? If so, book an appointment for your child today.

Children’s Eye Exams

All children 19 years of age or younger are covered under OHIP for a yearly full eye exam. A children’s eye exam includes a vision test and the overall health of the eye.

We love children’s eye care visits! Our optometrists are experienced in pediatric eye care and utilize a gentle, warm approach and exam techniques that keep children at ease. Our modern eye care centre also features child-friendly equipment and a children’s corner in the waiting room to make their experience relaxed and comfortable.

Your kids will also love our unique and current selection of kids’ eyeglass frames from collections including, Disney, Ray-Ban Junior, and OGI Kids.

Vision Care Centre Serving the Children and Families of Oakville

Whether you call Oakville, Burlington or Milton home or your place of work; we invite your entire family to visit our ultra modern facility at the Palermo Village Professional Centre. With free parking and convenient hours, we’ll make visiting the optometrist a breeze for your children – and you.

Now accepting families new to Oakville and area – book your appointment today!

Vital Information to Ensure Optimal Eye Health in Children

Why is eye screening so important for children?

Like all physician visits, eye check ups and screening is a vital part of ensuring your child’s normal, healthy development. Before infants can speak or otherwise clearly communicate, they do see the world through vision which provides high-speed gateway to learning. With their eyes, children transmit and translate everything they see in their world to and within their brain. Learning occurs at high speed utilizing sight, so optimal vision is vital! Early detection is also vital to addressing vision problems early.

When should children’s vision screening take place?

Frequently. The importance of children’s eye care and screening is exemplified by the fact that the Ontario government covers your child’s vision care – as a newborn, infant, preschooler and throughout their grade school years (until age 19).

Eye screening is not quite an eye examination. Screenings can be done by health care practitioners, including optometrists. Pediatric optometrists also are skilled in providing more thorough eye examinations. In fact, annual eye exams are highly recommended (and covered by OHIP).

Our optometrists will test vision, of course, but also examine and diagnose eye health problems or disorders. Among things eye doctors will look at/for upon examination of your child ma include; healthy visual acuity, photoscreening, hyperopic vision, eye alignment, lazy eye and refractive issues.

School aged children must achieve and maintain optimal vision – wearing glasses or corrective lenses as needed – to ensure there is no impediment to following teacher’s instruction or reading instructions and lessons (at a distance or close up).

As a family, make it a practice to schedule eye exams annually for optimal vision and health!