Am I Getting Great Eye Care For My Family?

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Our eyes are quite literally our window to the world and need to last a lifetime. For this reason, you need to know whether or not you’re getting great eye care for your family. And to figure that out, it helps to know what clues to look for. Here are the four most important ones:

  1. Your eye doctor should be properly licensed

    There are three main types of eye care professionals: optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians. All three of these are regulated professions and practitioners must have a valid license to practice in Ontario.

    Optometrists are health care professionals trained to diagnose, manage, and treat various ocular conditions and diseases. They are also fully trained in prescribing and fitting you for eyeglasses and contact lenses. For most people, an optometrist provides a one-stop-shop for all of their eye care needs.

    It’s important to note that opticians are not able to treat or diagnose eye conditions. Nor can they write a prescription to correct your eyesight. They are only permitted to create and dispense glasses and contact lenses.

  2. Your eye doctor should provide thorough eye exams

    The exact nature of an eye exam may vary a bit depending on an individual’s specific situation, but for most people, good eye care at your next exam will include the following:

    Your eye doctor should have your medical history on file, and if you’re a new patient, they should collect this information from you. Sometimes conditions that you may think will have no bearing on your eyes turn out to have profound effects. For example, many people with diabetes are unaware that it’s a contributing cause to certain types of eye problems.

    During your exam, your eye doctor will check your vision, the alignment of your eyes, look for signs/symptoms of disease or abnormalities, recommend appropriate treatment (if required), provide you with advice, and let you know when you should come back for your next appointment.

  3. Good eye care means you have the information you need to make informed decisions

    Look for an eye doctor who provides you and your family with all the information needed to make good choices surrounding eye care. If a member of your family is diagnosed with any ocular diseases, your optometrist can provide them with an overview of their condition and answer any questions they have, so they have an understanding of what they’re dealing with and what to expect in future.

    Prior to providing you or any member of your family with a product (ex. eyeglasses), or service (eg. eye exam), they should be upfront about the cost.

  4. Excellent eye care involves a partnership between you and your doctor

    In order for your partnership with your eye doctor to function at its best, there needs to be mutual respect between both of you. They will take your preferences for care into consideration when recommending treatment options, and give you choices when good options are available. And although most people’s ocular care needs are very straightforward, if your situation is more complex and requires a specialist, your eye doctor will refer you to someone you can trust. For example, if you require eye surgery, you’ll be referred to an ophthalmologist.

Don’t settle for anything less than great eye care for your family

For a well-trained eye doctor, providing you with excellent care is second nature. Bring someone like this onto your team and enjoy a lifetime of benefits when it comes to your family’s ocular health. You deserve nothing less!

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