Seeing Clearly Means Better Perception

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Blog by Envision Eye Care

When it comes to your sight and how you perceive things, there is more to it than “meets the eye”! “Sight” and “perception” are related and combine to form how we come to lern and know about our visual world. They are both factors that work together to help you navigate your way through many areas of life.

What’s the difference between sight and perception?

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In basic terms, sight is literally what you see while perception is how your brain organizes and interprets that information.

If you have poor sight abilities, how you identify and interpret what you are seeing can be skewed. This can create difficulties in many parts of your daily life including in a child’s education.

Benefits of Good Eyesight and Perception

There are many benefits to having both good eyesight and good perception for people of all ages. While both your eyesight and your ability to perceive what you see can change over time, it’s usually not hard to stay ahead of any possible issues with regular visits to your eye doctor.

Better ability to learn in school

Having clear vision not only helps students see the white board at the front of the room, it also helps the brain take in the data it sees and organize it into useful and retainable blocks of information. A strong ability to see and clearly interpret those details means that students will be better able to retain important information and benefit more from their studies.

Stronger driving skills

It goes without saying that good vision and strong, accurate perception is necessary to be a safe driver. Clear eyesight ensures your brain can take in all the important data your eyes see and translate it into actionable responses. Driving is an activity that involves a lot of fast moving information that requires your brain to be able to react quickly to what it sees.

More likely to retain newly learned skills and information

Having good perception and eyesight helps your brain to work closely with both aspects to retain all the information your eyes see. Memory creation and retention is also positively impacted by clear vision and accurate perception.

Better ability to play sports

When a ball is flying towards you on the basketball court or football field, you really want to be able to see it clearly so that you can catch it easily. The same principle is true for most aspects of sports, so having clear vision is essential. Being able to see and translate the information that you see into a fast response will help you play a better game overall.

Better vision means better perception

Naturally, the better you can see things around you, the clearer your perception of them will be.

If you’ve ever needed glasses you’ll notice that your ability to put together information and actually describe what you are seeing is likely hindered when you are not wearing glasses. Your sight can actually be somewhat blurry, which often means you won’t be able to see everything in your line of sight, making day to day living a bit more difficult.

The better your vision is though, the better you can see everything around you and the more complete the image will be that your brain is getting from your eyes.

See your eye doctor for check ups

If you ever start feeling as though your vision might be somewhat compromised, you really want to get in to see your eye doctor as soon as possible so that they can diagnose any possible issues. Maintaining good eyesight is essential for most activities in life and maintaining it can be as easy as seeing your eye doctor for regular exams. Your eye doctor will run regular tests on your eyes to ensure they are not changing their ability to see.

Staying on top of any eye concerns will help ensure that how you perceive things is just as accurate as how you are seeing them. Clear perception and vision work together to make your life much easier than without it, and ensures that your eyesight and visual interpretation stays on top of its game.