How to Find Eyeglasses Just Right for You

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Once you get the official confirmation from your eye doctor that you need glasses, the next step is picking out which frames you want. For some this can be exciting as they try out all the different options available in the store but many others see this process as difficult and not so fun. There are a few things to consider when picking out the perfect frames, and it might surprise you that how they look might not sit at the top of the list!

Factors to consider when choosing new frames

What’s most important to you? Envision Eye Care eyewear fitting specialists are here to help. Of course, our optometrists are also standing by to help, too!

How they sit

Some glasses may feel like they are sliding down your nose or are sitting far too close to your eyes. Choosing glasses that sit comfortably on your face is important or you might find you don’t want to wear them as often as you should.

Are they comfortable?

In many cases, your glasses will be an accessory you wear for much of the day so choosing comfortable frames is essential. Look for glasses that sit nicely on the bridge of your nose, feel good around your ears and don’t pinch in funny spots to ensure comfort all day.

Whether they suit the shape of your face

Choosing glasses that suit the shape of your face will help you feel confident in wearing them. Especially if you need to wear glasses for daily activities, you want to feel like the frames you chose suit you.

How they look

We said fashion wasn’t the first thing to consider, not that it shouldn’t play a role at all! Wearing glasses that are fashionable and look good on you will help you want to wear them throughout the day.

Shopping at your optical center is the best choice

With so many options for where to buy eyewear, it can be hard to know where to go first. Many big box stores have optical departments where you can browse frames and try them on, but shopping at an optical center can often offer a better experience for several reasons.

Personalized care

Stores that are dedicated to optometry and eyewear are bound to have more time and interest in providing a personalized experience when choosing your frames.

Better selection

When a store is dedicated to a certain topic, they are likely to have a more complete selection than somewhere that offers a multitude of items. The same is often true for optometry stores. Being dedicated to selling only eyewear means that they are likely to offer more selection.

More brand names

Coming back around to our point about fashion, you might be interested in choosing frames from a specific brand rather than purely based on comfort and appearance. Optometry stores usually have a wider selection of brand name frames available to browse than some of the big box retailers out there.

Shop local

Supporting local businesses that aren’t part of a large retail chain helps those small businesses stay open. When you shop at a local optometry store and get your eyes checked at a locally owned office you are helping those business owners, staff and optometrists to grow their business and continue to offer you personalized service.

Choosing new eyewear is fun!

While you may find the idea of searching for the perfect glasses to be daunting and unappealing, it can actually be a fun process! Set aside an hour or 2 and bring along a friend or family member that you trust to help you choose a set that both flatters and feels comfortable.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pair, you’ll get to rock your new look and feel confident that you’ve chosen a pair of eye glasses that both helps you see and looks great on you!

Schedule regular eye exams

If you’re not sure if you could benefit from wearing glasses when reading, driving or just living your day to day life, be sure to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for an eye exam. Seeing them regularly can help you stay ahead of any potential issues down the road, and keep you seeing the world around you clearly.