Fashion and Function – Eyeglasses Fit for You!

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Blog by Envision Eye Care

When the time comes to buy new glasses, it can feel like a given to hop online with your new prescription in hand and place an order. Though it may seem like the money you’ll save will be worthwhile, buying glasses in-store from your optometrist comes with many benefits. Buying glasses online can present a number of difficulties that you won’t find in-store, namely the personal experience you’ll have.

Benefits of Optometrists that Sell Glasses

Though there are many reasons to buy glasses in-store rather than online, there are even more benefits to buying glasses in a store where an optometrist is also there to help you.

At Envision Eye Care in Oakville, our on-site optometrists and optical center team can get you fitted and provide advice on your perfect fit. From fashion sunglasses to prescription lenses. From Burberry to Boss – check out our eyewear brands!

Optical stores carry great brands

Blog by Envision Eye Care

Stores the specialize in selling glasses as well as giving eye exams generally have a pretty great selection of brand name frames as well as some lower cost non-branded ones. If you’re a budding fashionista and appreciate a good brand name, this is the best way to get them.

Optometrists can help with fit

When getting new glasses one of the most important factors is ensuring that the fit is good. Poorly fitting glasses can hurt your ears or nose, give you headaches, cause glasses to slide down on your face and even make your vision not as clear- particularly if your glasses have bi or tri focal lenses.

They will ensure the prescription is accurate

Though your optometrist has tested to ensure they give you the right prescription, it’s still possible that the manufacturing of the lenses has changed the presentation or placed the pupil location incorrectly. Buying glasses from your optometrist gives you the opportunity to have them adjusted if needed.

You can have a more personal experience

When buying your glasses from your optometrist it is much easier to grow a personal relationship with them. With so much being done online nowadays, there is something to be said for the personal connection and recommendations you get from shopping at the same store each time you need glasses.

You can try on as many frames as you want

When choosing new glasses there’s a good chance you’ll want to try on several pairs to find the ones you like the most. Shopping in person from your optometrist means you’ll have access to a variety of frames so you can find the best ones for your face.

Glasses are about more than just function

Though your glasses will serve an important function for you in helping you see clearly, they are also a piece of fashion, as well. Choosing frames that suit your style, personality, appearance and even mood will help you feel confident in wearing them as often as you need to.

Shopping in store for new frames means you can get a clear view of what the frames look like both on your face and in different lighting angles. The numerous choices offered at your optometrists’ store mean you’ll have so many options to choose from to meet all of your fashion needs.

Online Shopping doesn’t always mean savings

Even though many online retailers boast some pretty cheap prices and what seem to be good deals, you have to wonder why they can sell their products so cheap, when stores obviously charge more. These discounts and low prices on prescription glasses typically indicate that the product you are getting is going to be much lower quality.

Without an optometrist to check over your lenses and ensure that they are manufactured well and offer an accurate center of vision measurement, you are at risk of receiving glasses that could actually make your vision worse.

Despite online prices seeming like a great deal, often the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is accurate when it comes to prescription glasses.

Shopping in-store is the way to go

When shopping for new glasses after your regularly scheduled eye exam, there are a few ways to choose your frames. Though online shopping is a common practice for many things, shopping for new glasses is still something that is better done in person. Not only will you get a better overall experience, but you will also be more likely to pick out some great looking frames that really suit your style, face shape, and overall needs.

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