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Annual eye exams are integral to your overall health and vision management. Vision screening can assist with early detection of eye problems, and check the overall coordination, alignment and health of your eyes.

The optometrist will also recommend a dilated eye examination which allows a full health assessment of the all the structures inside the eye. The process involves the use of drops which dilate the pupils. This procedure aids in the early detection of eye diseases and certain systemic diseases. The comprehensive eye exam also includes retinal imaging which allows the doctor to assess the back of the eye and detect changes to the eye effectively and more accurately.

Visual field testing is used to help diagnose and monitor neurological and visual disorders such as glaucoma, stroke, and tumors. This test is included as part of the comprehensive exam if required.

Did You Know? We provide Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approved Visual Field Testing (the eye exams the MTO requires for your new or renewal driver’s licence). We’ll provide the forms needed for the MTO so you can get on road – safely. Of course, we’ve a full optical shop in the event you need corrective glasses, too!

Eye Exams for Senior’s

All seniors 65 years of age and older are insured under OHIP for a no-cost, full eye exam yearly. It is imperative for seniors to attend their annual eye exam as it can assist early diagnosis of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

Retinal imaging takes a high-definition picture of the back of the eye. It is strongly recommended for seniors, as it further examines the retina to assist early detection of many eye and general health disorders. Latest technology of retinal imaging called FAF is available to help study deeper tissues and further assess retinal changes.

Eye Exams for Children

All children 19 years of age or younger are covered under OHIP for a yearly full eye exam. A children’s exam includes a vision test and the overall health of the eye. We enjoy seeing children, and our eye care center and use children-friendly techniques and equipment which makes their experience relaxed and comfortable.

We have a unique selection of kids’ eye frames from collections including, Disney, Ray-Ban Junior, and OGI Kids.

Our Oakville Eye Care Center is part of the EYE SEE EYE LEARN (ESEL) PROGRAM.. ESEL is a program designed to detect, diagnose and treat children with vision problems when they begin Junior Kindergarten. Each Junior Kindergarten student is entitled to an OHIP-insured eye exam and a free pair of glasses if they require vision correction.

The Eye-M Growing program is another program we are associated with, which helps encourage parents to get their children’s eyes examined annually. It provides a free replacement pair of lenses within a 16-month period.

Dry Eye Treatment

Do you suffer from uncomfortable, tired or irritated eyes? Many suffer with Dry Eye Syndrome in silence, and there are many treatment options besides using artificial tears. For those patients with dry eyes, the optometrists will tailor a management plan to help treat your eyes. Just let us know when you’re in for you vision test.